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Most entrepreneurs are looking for a successor only once in their life and thus are no expert in this complex process. 
The complexity with the search for a successor or with the sale of a business respectively gets often times underestimated. Recognizing the need for proper preparations is essential for the survival of the business, the protection of jobs and a good sales price.
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The different parts of the project can be devided into three main areas.


8 - 5 years before transfer

What one should do: 

Business check regarding a potential need for change to seccure a succesful succession. Consider internal factors such as family matters and create an action plan.



5 - 2 years before transfer


What one should do:

Optimizing the business regarding market position, costs, organization, marketing, finance, estimation of selling price.



18 - 12 months before transfer

What one should do:

prepare a business presentation, valuation, search for potential buyers, evaluation, negotiation, closure and preparation for transfer.

First consultancy for free

We would like to welcome you for a nonbinding, two hours long consultation at our center for succession in Wettswil a.A. We will show you the different topics in detail and create a rough overview for the discussed areas.  

1 Day Workshop "Ready for Succession"

We develop with you a detailed overview for the different areas in the succession process. We'll answer questions related to your business (structure, organisation, customers, products, markets, distribution, brand, marketing, finances) your surroundings (family ,successor, distributor) and the valuation with current market prices and related tax questions.


 cons.tec succession experts support businesses, owners and families in single areas or the whole process.  Through tried and tested methods and collaboration based on partnership we can accomplish a successful transfer for all parties involved. 

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